Customer Orders Nasi Ayam, Include Bizarre Requests: “I Want The Eggs Laid By Rooster, Not Hen”

Oh, goodness! That is a long list of requests….

Recently, a photo of a takeaway order from an unknown Malaysian restaurant went viral on Facebook due to its complicated and almost impossible request!

customer orders nasi ayam, includes bizarre requests: “i want the eggs laid by rooster, not hen”Photo via Facebook (槟城吹水站)

The customer placed an order for three packs of nasi ayam and two marinated eggs which cost around RM25. But what caught everyone’s attention was the customer’s request… 

Some of the customer’s requests include:

  1. To debone the drumstick, or it’ll hurt their teeth

  2. Chilli is delicious. Please give extra 9 packs

  3. Only use extra spring onions or they’ll get sick

  4. Separate the sauce and rice because the rice will get soggy

  5. Don’t wrap the rice papers or the taste will be off

  6. There was asam soup on the house before so they asked for three packs 

  7. To provide them with chicken feet because they want to try it

  8. Cutleries

  9. To prepare their order in five minutes because they’re starving

…and last, but not least, the customer asked that the marinated egg to be laid by a rooster, not a hen because apparently, it tastes better.

Many took to the comment section to ask the seller to not entertain such requests and just cancel the order, “I would’ve waited 20 minutes more and just cancel the order. Let them starve!”

One person also said: “Tell them to cook themself lah!”

Aiyo, those requests are just too much lah… Let’s not be a nuisance and make other people’s job more difficult than it already is!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat