Crocodile With Tire Around Its Neck Finally Free After Six Years

This is really sad! The crocodile must be so uncomfortable with a tire stuck around its neck for six whole years.

But great news, the crocodile in the city of Palu in Sulawesi, Indonesia has finally been freed from its motorcycle “tire necklace”.

crocodile with tire around its neck finally free after six yearsPhoto via The Jakarta Post

According to Mashable, with the help of some villagers, 35-year-old Tili, who is a self-proclaimed animal lover, managed to trap the 13-foot-reptile with a rope tied to a log, while using live chickens and ducks as bait.

The crocodile had been roaming in the waters of Palu with the tire since 2016. Oh, the poor thing! 

Attempts to trap the crocodile in the past have been unsuccessful, even when an Australian crocodile wrangler stepped in. 

Back in January 2020, Central Sulawesi’s Natural Resources Conservation Office (BKSDA) even launched a contest to free the crocodile from the motorcycle tire. 

crocodile with tire around its neck finally free after six yearsPhoto via Reuters

Tili has been tracking the crocodile for about three weeks, but fitting to the reptile’s elusive nature, it managed to escape his trap twice. Apparently the ropes he had used weren’t strong enough to deal with its size and weight.

He then resorted to nylon ropes typically used to tow boats, and fortunately this worked out. 

“I was already exhausted so I let the villagers finish the rescue, the crocodile was unbelievably heavy, everybody was sweating and were very tired,” he said.  

Ahh, amazing job Tili! We’re glad that the crocodile is now free and no one got hurt.

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat