Crocodile Spotted Swimming In Floodwaters, Turns Out It Was Just A Plushie!

The past weeks have been hard for many Malaysians as images and videos of the devastating flood started made its way on social media, which is also a stark reminder of what Mother Nature can do. 

crocodile spotted swimming in floodwaters, turns out it was just a plushie!Photo via Twitter (KL Traffic Updates)

And when returning to a flood-affected area, we need to remember that wild animals, including rodents, snakes or crocodiles may be trapped in your home, shed or garden, so it’s always safer to wait for the water to subside. 

Recently, a video went viral online of what appeared to be a crocodile swimming.

But after closer inspection, the crocodile is actually someone’s plushie that got lost during the flood. Ahh, how sad!

The caption reads: “Whose plushie is this?!”

The video has since garnered thousands of views and managed to amuse Malaysians especially during this difficult time. 

Well, not gonna lie, it does look like a crocodile for a sec. We would definitely run away if we saw it! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat