Video Of Huge Crocodile Emerging In Melaka River Due To Floods Went Viral Online!

Floods not only affect us, but it affects the land animals as well as sea animals. Among the dangerous animals to watch for and avoid near flood areas are crocodiles, snakes, monitor lizards, fire ants and even mosquitoes! 

A Twitter user recently posted a video of a huge crocodile he had seen in the river right next to his home in Melaka.

The video shared by user @BukanWanted shows a large crocodile swimming freely in the river, “There is a crocodile right next to my house. It’s huge, no joke!” his caption reads. 

He also said that crocodiles are usually seen in the vicinity of Pulau Gadong, adding that the river near his house isn’t deep, “We’re not sure how it even ended up here!”

The user also continued expressing his concerns if the area would experience further flooding, which gives access to wild animals like the crocodile to come up to his house, “How did you end up in the river here? It’s not even a river, it’s more like a ditch. It must be so lost!”

In a following tweet, he said that he already contacted officers from the Malaysia Civil Defence Force (APM) to help remove the animal, “The villagers are starting to worry if suddenly the water level rises. I have already reported it to the authorities,” he said.  

The video has since garnered over 691.8 thousand views at the time of writing. 

One person jokingly said: “It doesn’t look that big. Can you try to lie next to it so we could get a picture of how big the crocodile is?”

That is a big crocodile!