COVID-19: Medical Frontliner Uses TikTok To Clear Misunderstanding On Vaccine Needle Sizes

covid-19: medical frontliner uses tiktok to clear misunderstanding on vaccine needle sizes
Photo via Bernama

As you’re probably aware, plenty of conspiracy theories about COVID-19 and the vaccine have become the talk of the town.
And one of the latest misconceptions about the vaccine came about after different needles were used for Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin’s vaccination on Wednesday (February 24th), which purportedly supported the belief that the vaccines contain some sort of “microchip” that would be implanted during vaccination.
The Health Ministry (MOH), of course, rubbished these claims, explaining the use of the two different needles.
It’s understood that a large bore needle is used to draw the vaccine from the vials, which hold several doses, but the same needle would cause unnecessary pain if used on the patient.
The second smaller needle is instead used to administer the vaccine to minimise discomfort, as was seen in videos of Muhyiddin’s public vaccination.  
“The different colour needle means different bore size. The needle used to aspirate from the vial is bigger in size (blue) to ensure smooth extraction. Smaller bore size needles (red or orange) are for inoculation to ensure less pain and bruising,” MOH said.
But despite this explanation, many Malaysians are still choosing to believe conspiracy theories blindly.
With that, TikTok user, @nad_diah, who is also a medical frontliner, decided to use the platform to educate us.  
The video wasn’t uploaded to social media by the original account, but Malaysians have been thanking her for her simple and informative video
And if you still want to believe whatever you hear after watching this, we don’t know what to say!

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by Kyle Roshen Jacob