Couple Went Viral For Walking Down The Aisle To Star Wars Theme Song & Cutting Cake With Lightsaber!

Planning a wedding is no simple task! 

Usually, the bride and groom would start planning their wedding ceremony way ahead of time just so everything could go perfectly, from wedding dresses to the location and food, everything must be flawless!

couple went viral for walking down the aisle to star wars theme song & cutting cake with lightsaber!Photo via TikTok (@ejsafari)

Recently a video went viral on TikTok of a couple walking down the aisle to a Star Wars theme song, instead of using the kompang, and even cutting their wedding cake with a lightsaber!

Apparently, the husband is a HUGE Star Wars fan. 

@ejsafari Kami tidak mainstream. Persandingan Ej & Ijad 19.03.22 #starwars #fyp #wedding #bohemianstyle ♬ original sound - EJ SAFARI

In the first video, the couple can be seen walking to their pelamin together to the Star Wars theme song. Then the user shared another video showing the couple cutting their wedding cake using a lightsaber.

Yes, an actual lightsaber, just like in the film!

Netizens took to the comment section to point out their unique and very different wedding, “As long as they are happy, then nothing else matters,” one person said.

@ejsafari No pisau, just Lightsaber. Layankan suami punya minat. Background music masa potong kek pon from Starwars playlist. #fyp #starwars #bohemianwedding #lightsaber #ejforijad ♬ original sound - EJ SAFARI

The video has since garnered over 109.7 thousand views, 10.6 thousand likes, and 384 comments at the time of writing.

Hey, if other people can have a Bollywood-theme wedding or a Disney fairytale wedding, why not Star Wars, right?!

To each their own!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat