M’sian Couple Use Lost Credit Card To Go On Shopping Spree & Returns It After Their Videos Went Viral Online


A Malaysian man accidentally dropped his wallet while dining out at a restaurant in Setapak, Kuala Lumpur and later found out that the person who found his wallet had been on a shopping spree with his credit card. 

m’sian couple use lost credit card to go on shopping spree & returns it after their videos went viral onlinePhoto via Facebook (8视界新闻新加坡 8world News)

According to Guang Ming Daily, the man is so used to using his phone to make payments that he didn’t even realise that he had lost his wallet for two whole days… 

He only realises that his wallet had gone missing after checking his credit card bill and notices that there were multiple charges on his credit card on 17 and 18 March. 

The man then called his bank to immediately freeze his credit card, and later went to all the locations where his card was used, bringing with him a police report to obtain CCTV footage of the person who had been using his card. 

The CCTV footage shows a couple who had been using the man’s credit card. The boyfriend is seen in the video, standing behind his girlfriend who was paying at a pharmacy counter using the man’s card. 

After paying, the couple is seen walking out of the pharmacy carrying huge bags with all their purchases. 

He then decided to upload the CCTV video on social media in hopes he could find the couple, which actually worked! 

Apparently the couple saw the video and got in touch with the man, informing him to remove the video and that they would return his credit card and even pay him back the money they owed him. 

The man added that the couple had apologised to him and urged the public to be careful with their belongings. 

马来西亚一名男子日前丢失钱包,并相信被一对情侣捡获,让人气愤的是,后者非但没有归还,还一连两天到药妆店盗刷信用卡疯狂购物,全程被闭路电视拍下。http://bit.ly/3LBXJcP 📸中国报

Posted by 8视界新闻新加坡 8world News on Monday, 20 March 2023

Don’t do this, guys! Using a credit card that you randomly found on the floor can be incredibly risky, even if the card holder is unaware that you’ve been using it…

If you get caught, you are likely to face not only significant fines (or possible jail time), but also other financial and legal ramifications depending on the severity of the offence. This could include being charged with a felony and having to spend time in jail.