Couple Travels Across Southeast Asia In Their Little Kancil, Even Reaching The Chinese Borders!

Travelling by car sounds fun!

couple travels across southeast asia in their little kancil, even reaching the chinese borders!Photo via Facebook (Azman Ali II)

Azman and his wife used to visit several Southeast Asian countries, particularly Thailand with their motorcycle. However, they have since changed their mode of transportation to a car after purchasing a used Kancil for only RM1,500.

According to Azman, he initially bought the car for his son after he got his driver's license, but it ended up at home when his son went on to University.

Since then, Azman and his wife have been travelling with the car and were even able to reach the Chinese border before the world was hit by the COVID-19 epidemic three years ago. 

But as soon as the borders reopened, Azman once again traveled to Thailand using his Kancil, covering a distance of 7,700 kilometers in 20 days.

Perjalanan ini terasa sangat..

Posted by Azman Ali II on Wednesday, 21 December 2022

The Kancil’s durability is commendable, and plus, Azman added that he often performs basic checks including engine maintenance so that his journey always runs smoothly. 

He added that his friends have told him that his adventures with his little Kancil are “crazy,” but he usually just ignores them, “Even the local people, when we stopped in Thailand, were surprised. 

“They even asked to take a picture with my car. I now dream of traveling to Mecca in this car and I am currently saving money to make it happen,” he told Harian Metro. 

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Posted by Azman Ali II on Friday, 16 December 2022

Wah, must be so fun!