Couple Puts Rainy Season To Good Use In Outdoor Wedding Photoshoot

couple puts rainy season to good use in outdoor wedding photoshoot

Photo via TikTok

As you know, it has been raining most afternoons and evenings over the past couple of weeks, disrupting plans for outdoor activities planned for the day during those times.

But this newly-married couple wasn’t going to let a few drops of rain ruin their plans for a storybook wedding photoshoot…

A TikTok of the couple went viral recently, showing them making full use of a light drizzle at night and streetlights to capture their union in pictures.

The video was posted by TikTok user @khairul_ikhwan96, before it went viral on Twitter yesterday (November 22nd).

Netizens, of course, loved how the pictures turned out as seen in the video, praising the photographer (IG: for his skills.

Guess it’s true what people say… “It’s not what happens, it’s your reaction to what happens.”

And we have to say, this couple definitely seized the moment!

Congratulations Ikhwan and Asyikin!


by Kyle Roshen Jacob