M’sian Concert-Goers Slammed For Leaving Rubbish Around Stadium Whilst Waiting To Enter Billie Eilish’s Show

Malaysians tend to leave behind trash wherever we go, whether it’s at a concert, a football game or at an event…

m’sian concert-goers slammed for leaving rubbish around stadium whilst waiting to enter billie eilish’s showPhoto via TikTok (@meranomiii)

Recently, concert-goers were slammed by Malaysian netizens for littering and leaving behind their rubbish around the Bukit Jalil National Stadium whilst waiting to enter Billie Eilish’s concert. 

Despite Eilish being a well-known environmental advocate, a video that has gone viral on TikTok shows a lot of trash strewn around the Bukit Jalil National Stadium by her fans and concert-goers. 

The video has since gained online attention and many criticized the concert-goers for not acting responsibly, “Billie Eilish is fighting climate change through her concerts by banning single use plastics, cutting emissions, offsetting carbon and bringing awareness to these issues.

“As her fans, you should be supporting her cause!” one person said. 

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One person also shared her first-hand experience of how they had to deal with a lot of rubbish in her area, “I was kind of pissed because the section was filled with rubbish. My friend and I cleaned up as much as we could with the small plastic we found,” she said. 

“It’s called a public place for a reason. We all should take care of it!” she added.

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The video has since garnered over 201.4 thousand views at the time of writing.

Laziness and carelessness have bred a culture of habitual littering. This has made people throw rubbish anywhere without thinking of the consequences of their actions, and many don’t even realize or underestimate the negative impacts of littering on the environment. 

So, please, next time be more mindful and responsible of your own rubbish and stop littering!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat