M’sian Toy Collector Creates “Uniquely Malaysian” Toys And Gives Out Free Toys To Local Children

A man, who goes by the name Wan Kedah has since gone viral after videos of him creating “Uniquely Malaysian” toys went viral online!


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Wan Kedah, who is also the founder of the Collectors Toy Fair Kuala Lumpur (CTFKL) has been collecting toys such as Hot Wheels cars and LEGOs to be given to children for free around KL and Selangor since 2012. 

And since he is also a member of the Kelab Motosikal Kecil (MyKSR), he also pitched the idea of having a joint activity with CTFKL called ‘Ride Mainan Jatuh Ke Riba’ where they distribute thousands of toys to children.

They have also since expanded their cause to other states like Kedah, Perak, Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang, including those who reside in the Orang Asli settlements in Pahang. 

Not only that, but Wan Kedah has also been making custom toys, special handmade pieces that are separate from the ones they have been distributing to the children. 


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These unique toys can be purchased on their website, however, you have to be quick because these toys sell out fast! 

Because where else can you find a cameraman for the film Mat Kilau action figure in stores? 

Or… Malaysia’s COVID-19 frontliners, the Purple Disc DVD-R man, Hero Malaya Din Jaring - who is a fisherman who makes fishing nets and a superhero called Semut Merah. The toys also came in a box with hilarious comic illustrations on the back with a little backstory of the characters.


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He has made over 1,000 toys so far with prices ranging from Rm139 to RM189, depending on the design. He currently has around 20 toy series with 50-15 limited edition units per series.

So cool! We will definitely keep an eye out for a new release!