Chinese Vlogger Raves About Malaysia's Culture and Food, “Perfect For First-Time Travelers!”

Since the world transitioned into endemicity, borders have reopened and tourists from around the world have been flocking to Malaysia. 

chinese vlogger raves about malaysia's culture and food, “perfect for first-time travelers!”Photo via YouTube (万能小维Vivi)

One such visitor is Chinese vlogger Vivi, who recently visited Malaysia after three long years without travelling. In her latest YouTube video, she had nothing but glowing praise for our beautiful country.

According to Vivi, Malaysia is perfect for those travelling abroad for the first time. She also found it easy to apply for a visa, as the process only involved an online application. 

"Malaysia was also the place I visited for my graduation trip back then," she reminisced fondly.

The rich and diverse cultures, as well as the delicious food in Malaysia, have been a major draw for foreign visitors. Vivi described the experience of visiting Malaysia as getting "3 items for the price of 1 – the Malaysian culture." 

She marvelled at how visitors not only get to experience the Malay culture, but also the Chinese and Indian cultures. "It’s like buy 1 free 3," she added.

Of course, Vivi did not visit Malaysia without indulging in its amazing cuisine. She stayed around Jalan Alor in KL, where good food is easily accessible. Vivi highly recommended trying the local breakfast of half-boiled egg on toast and Chee Cheong Fun with Laksa gravy, in addition to the famous Chicken Rice.

Although Vivi had only one complaint during her visit to Malaysia, which was the expensive price of hotels, she had an overall wonderful experience. To save costs, she opted to rent an Airbnb in KL. 

Nonetheless, she enjoyed her stay in Malaysia and would highly recommend the country to anyone who is planning to travel soon.

With its beautiful culture and amazing food, Malaysia is undoubtedly a must-visit destination for any tourist looking for a unique and unforgettable experience.