Chinese Vlogger Calls Out Fellow Tourists for “Embarrassing China” During Their Trip to Malaysia

A Chinese travel vlogger recently took to Douyin to express his disappointment and concern over the unruly behavior exhibited by some Chinese travelers while visiting Malaysia.

In a video posted last week, he urged his fellow countrymen to be more mindful of their actions and to avoid “bringing shame to China” while traveling abroad.

The vlogger began the video by addressing the issue head-on, stating, "Chinese people have been completely humiliated by you!" He emphasized the importance of proper behavior while traveling and how it reflects on the reputation of their home country.

chinese vlogger calls out fellow tourists for “embarrassing china” during their trip to malaysiaPhoto via Douyin (@唐小柴吃肉肉)

Sharing his own experiences, the vlogger recounted an incident during a firefly-watching tour in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Despite the guide's repeated instructions not to catch the glowworms, a group of Chinese tourists, comprising four adults and three children, ignored the guidelines and caught several fireflies in a bottle. Regrettably, one of the fireflies was injured during this incident, leading to a confrontation with Malaysian Chinese travelers onboard who scolded the offenders.

In another occurrence, the vlogger witnessed a Chinese family repeatedly obstructing other tourists trying to take photos with a mural in Penang. The family displayed a complete disregard for the inconvenience they were causing to others. Such incidents further fueled the vlogger's concern about the impact of such behavior on the image of Chinese travelers.

Frustrated with the disrespectful actions of some Chinese tourists, the vlogger quoted the words of a Malaysian Chinese traveler from the firefly-watching tour, who expressed his dismay, "If you don't know how to teach your children, don't have children."

The vlogger ended the video by reiterating the need for proper behavior while traveling, emphasizing that travelers should act as respectful ambassadors of their country. The video has garnered over 17,000 likes and has received positive responses from netizens who appreciate the vlogger's courage to speak up about the issue.

Several netizens shared their own experiences with unruly Chinese tourists, expressing hope that such behavior would change to foster a positive image for both China and its travelers. They emphasized that the actions of a few can affect the perception of all Chinese travelers, including Malaysian Chinese.

The vlogger's video serves as a timely reminder for all travelers, regardless of nationality, to practice good manners and respect local customs and regulations while exploring foreign destinations. By doing so, tourists can contribute positively to cultural exchange and create a memorable and harmonious travel experience for everyone involved.