Chinese Tourists Spark Outrage with Criticism of Malaysian Food, Advising Others To Bring Instant Noodles!

A video featuring two Chinese tourists expressing dissatisfaction with Malaysian food has gone viral on social media, provoking strong reactions from Malaysian netizens who are protective of their culinary heritage.

chinese tourists spark outrage with criticism of malaysian food, advising others to bring instant noodles!Photo via TikTok (@chaihuatto2)

The video, initially shared on Douyin, depicts a man advising fellow Chinese tourists to bring instant noodles from home when visiting Malaysia, claiming that local restaurants' food quality is subpar. He further disparages the noodles he eats by the roadside, suggesting that bringing instant noodles is the best way to avoid dissatisfaction with Malaysian cuisine.

The female tourist adds her perspective, emphasising the difficulty of finding palatable food in Malaysia and even claiming to have lost weight after a few days in the country. The video concludes with criticism of the dark colour of the noodles and questioning the hue of bak kut teh, a Malaysian dish, experienced the day before.

Upon translation and circulation on various social media platforms, the video triggered outrage among Malaysian netizens. Responses on platforms like X and TikTok condemned the tourists for their perceived rudeness and disrespect towards another country's culinary offerings.

Malaysian social media users shared their displeasure, advising the tourists to do thorough research and choose reputable restaurants before forming opinions about the entire country's cuisine. Some criticised the tourists for expecting high-quality food while opting for roadside eateries to save money.

In a stitch of the viral video, a Chinese Malaysian from Kuching scolded the tourists for their disrespectful comments. He urged them to conduct proper research, visit recommended restaurants, and refrain from making generalised complaints that might embarrass their own countrymen.

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The incident highlights the strong sense of protection and pride that Malaysians hold for their diverse and delicious culinary traditions, with many netizens emphasising the importance of respect and appreciation of local flavours.