Check Out This Malay Themed Wedding GTA 5 Edition!

Some of us might miss going to weddings, catching up with relatives and indulging all the Nasi Minyak and Air Sirap. Well, Malaysians are definitely getting more creative after two months of being stuck at home because now, they’ve brought you the first-ever Malaysian Wedding, Grand Theft Auto (GTA) V edition!

Youtube channel, GTA 5 Malaysia, recreated a lavish Malay themed wedding reception all thanks to custom modifications allowed by the game.

The 16 minutes 15 seconds video, which was streamed live on Facebook and later uploaded on their YouTube channel, first showed the two convoys from the bride and groom side all decked out in their traditional Malay attire.

Both sides exchanged “pantun” before the groom’s entourage was invited to enter the bride’s home as the ceremony was about to start.

Everyone was seated under the marquees complete with tables and chairs, a buffet line, a special dining area for the couple’s families and a beautifully decorated dais for the lovely couple to sit on. There were even characters in RELA uniforms and one Abang Grab that crashed the wedding!

To complete the ceremony, the players also engaged in a ‘Silat’ performance coupled with group dancing at the end that will surely tickle your funny bone.

check out this malay themed wedding gta 5 edition!Photo: YouTube GTA 5 Malaysia

The video was shared across social media and went viral on Twitter, after Twitter user @Mrskvsk shared snippets of the video.

The tweet gained more than 41,000 retweets with netizens having a good laugh and commending the developers for a detailed and carefully crafted video.

Noor Azwan Mohd Noor, one of the gamers involved with this virtual wedding told Malay Mail that the wedding was held through the MYRP server, a local server dedicated to implementing a Malaysian identity within GTAV through custom modifications.

“MYRP was the first-ever server to introduce a Malaysian touch in it and now there are also other servers implementing the same thing.”

“There were around 40 to 50 players involved with the wedding and the server itself can contain up to 120 players at a time,” said Azwan.

The full-time streamer who’s also known as Abe Wea also said that all of the custom modifications were made from scratch by Arief Solehin and Isma Danial by using FiveM that enables players to play multiplayer on a customised and dedicated server.

“Every mod resembling our Malaysian identity was created by these two young minds from Johor.”

“They were the ones behind the custom modifications and they were the ones who introduced it to the public.”

Azwan also said that they are currently working on a “Hari Raya” modification with a traditional Malaysian village scene.

We can’t wait to see what these talented game streamers have in store for us!

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya