Singaporean Char Kway Teow Hawker Imposes 50-Cent Surcharge for Orders With No Bean Sprouts!

When dining out, it's customary to anticipate discounts or reduced prices when modifying a dish by excluding key ingredients. However, a char kway teow hawker in Singapore has taken a unique approach by charging an extra S$0.50 for orders without beansprouts.

In an interview with Shin Min Daily News, this seasoned hawker from Bukit Panjang, who has been serving this delectable dish for two decades, shed light on the reasoning behind this additional fee.

singaporean char kway teow hawker imposes 50-cent surcharge for orders with no bean sprouts!

She explained, "We displayed the list of additional charges when we first opened our stall. Our intention is not to profit from the extra S$0.50; rather, we are aiming to streamline our operations."

"Our stall only boasts three woks, and typically, we can prepare four to five servings simultaneously. However, when a customer requests no beansprouts, we have to prepare a fresh batch just for them. This consumes our time and energy."

Photographs at the stall reveal that requesting extra ingredients, such as bean sprouts and seafood, incurs additional charges ranging from S$0.50 to S$2. Interestingly, the last option on the menu, the removal of bean sprouts entirely, also carries a fee of S$0.50.

To gauge public opinion on this approach, Shin Min interviewed two customers who expressed understanding regarding the additional charge. One customer mentioned that, while she prefers her char kway teow without beansprouts, she chooses the regular version and manually removes the vegetables to avoid the S$0.50 surcharge.

What are your thoughts on this matter?