CCTV Captures Foreigner from China Answering 'Nature's Call' in the Middle of the Road in Cameron Highlands

When nature calls, it seems there's no holding back…

Netizens were taken aback when they stumbled upon a viral video circulating on the internet, featuring a woman, reportedly from China, during her visit to Cameron Highlands.

cctv captures foreigner from china answering 'nature's call' in the middle of the road in cameron highlandsPhoto via X (@anthraxxx781)

In a recent tweet on X shared by user @anthraxxx781, the CCTV recording unveils a peculiar scene on the streets of Kea Farm. Two women were seen strolling when the woman at the back decided to address the call of nature, pulling down her grey pants and squatting right there on the road.

Her friend steps in, standing behind her and offering a shawl to shield her from prying eyes as she tends to her needs. Once done, the duo makes a quick recovery, ensuring her friend's modesty is intact before continuing their journey together.

While the video brought a mix of amusement and disbelief, some netizens couldn't help but express their reservations about the unusual pit stop.

"Why does she have to do her business in the middle of the road? She could've at least gone to the bushes or the drain," pondered a puzzled observer.

In the unpredictable realm of viral moments, this impromptu street-side episode certainly left netizens with raised eyebrows and a collective sense of bewilderment.