Seller Caught Charging RM3 for 'Donuts,' Revealed to be Burger Buns with Middle Cut Out

Who would have thought that behind the colourful and appetising-looking flavour choices lies something unexpected? That's what happened in the case of the 'fake donuts' at the Bachok Night Market in Kelantan.

seller caught charging rm3 for 'donuts,' revealed to be burger buns with middle cut outPhoto via Facebook (Fatimah Mulyati)

Recently, a post went viral on Facebook by Menarik Klate Kito, showcasing a picture of a 'donut' shared by a user named Ira Suya.

Ira Suya recounted her purchase from a young female vendor, only to be taken aback when she discovered that the donut was anything but authentic.

"Imagine, a burger bun cleverly fashioned to resemble a donut. I usually stay silent when it comes to pricey or unsatisfying food, but this is downright deceitful," she expressed.

However, Ira Suya wasn't alone in encountering these faux treats. Another Facebook user, Fatimah Mulyati, shared a similar experience, enticed by the alluring appearance of the donuts.

"Last night, while enjoying the festivities at Pantai Irama Bachok, I couldn't resist the colourful and enticing display of donuts. I purchased one flavoured with strawberry, only for my child to discover it was a BURGER BUN upon taking a bite! RM3 per piece.

"Upon returning to the stall seeking clarification, I half-expected to hear an explanation along the lines of 'Oh, we specialise in chocolate-dipped buns, not donuts.' However, to my surprise, the vendor insisted it was indeed a donut," Fatimah recounted.

Fatimah expressed her profound disappointment with the vendor's lack of honesty and urged fellow vendors to uphold integrity in their business dealings.

ADUH..ANAK MAKAN DONUT PALSU... Pergi ekspo kat Pantai Irama Bachok malam ni.. Tengok donut bukan main lagi warna warni...

Posted by Fatimah Mulyati on Saturday, 24 February 2024

This incident serves as a poignant reminder for vendors to maintain transparency and accuracy in their product labelling, ensuring customers are not misled.