Cat Visits Owner's Grave Every Day For Two Years!

We have a Malaysian version of the Japanese Hachiko dog, except she’s a cat!

For two years, a cat named Nana, visited its owner’s grave every day after his death.

cat visits ownerPhoto via Malay Mail

Hazlynn Nozi who is the late owner’s daughter told the Malay Mail that her father who was a retired teacher who was very fond of cats and took good care of his own cats.

“But Nana who is now 6-years-old had a very special bond with dad, and she was extremely close to him,” she said.

She also added that Nana has been visiting her father’s grave every morning and would just sit or sleep next to his grave.

Hazlynn further explained that when her father was alive, he was always the one who fed Nana in the morning before he went to the mosque, “She always followed my dad to the mosque and would wait for him to finish his prayers before following him back home.”

“We had other cats at home, but Nana just had a special bond with him,” she said.

cat visits ownerPhoto via Malay Mail

Hazlynn’s father passed away two years ago, which is when Nana started losing her appetite and lost some weight, “She got better after three months and started eating normally again but she would also linger around where dad spent his time, like on the swing which was my dad’s favourite spot or even sit on his old car.”

Such a sweet kitty cat! We hope that Nana feels better, and is much more happier now!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat