Cat Hotel Becomes Permanent Home For One Lucky Cat

cat hotel becomes permanent home for one lucky catPhoto: Twitter (@Catzoniamy)
Having a furry little buddy is always great fun, but what happens when you want to go on holiday? A lot of the time, we don’t bring our pets along, especially when it’s an overseas trip.
That’s where pet hotels come in. Catzonia is one such hotel, where they cater to your furbaby’s needs while you aren’t around. They constantly update their social media with the cats they receive, along with cute captions that make the videos way more fun!

One story in particular caught our attention, though. In a video Catzonia uploaded on Twitter recently, we see a very curious cat sitting beside a little black bag. Looks like every cat ever, except for one little plot twist. 

In the text accompanying the video, Catzonia explained that Scott, the cat, was left there by his owner over a year ago. Ugh, we still don’t understand how some people just do that! But at least Scott was left in a sheltered place instead of out in the open. 

Scott continues playing with the bag in the video, nosing it and trying to get it open. Whoever made the captions did it right, saying that the bag reminded Scott of his owner and that he just wanted a little bit of time with it to reminisce about the good times. Other captions also added that Scott is happy living in Catzonia now, with many kakaks who love and take care of him. After knowing the story, we would happily take Scott in if he had no place to go, honestly. 
Netizens went gooey-eyed at the sight of the cat, with a few asking if they could adopt him or drop by to give some love. While Catzonia welcomed all the love (because even cats need some good hugs), they said he is not up for adoption. 
Meanwhile, there were also others who got angry on behalf of the cat, asking how anyone could bear to leave their pets. We can’t answer that, but we sure are glad he has a permanent home now!

By: Celestine Foo