Cat Food Mixed With Pills Found In Malacca

We can’t quite put our heads around the many cases of abuse against animals in Malaysia, and yet another one has just appeared!

A Facebook post shared by user AF Fiahmn, showed what looked like medicinal pills mixed with cat food, for the stray cats in his neighbourhood.

In his post, AF shared that he has a Chinese friend that lives in Ujong Pasir, Melaka, who used to feed stray cats at their housing area.  But while they were caring for the stray cats, they found something that was truly malicious and just downright evil…

… someone had intended to poison the cat food with medicinal pills!

cat food mixed with pills found in malaccaPhoto: Facebook AF Fiahmn

The pills were mixed together with the cat food and given to the cats in plastic containers.

What makes it even sadder is that this wasn’t an isolated case of abuse against the stray cats in the area. Before the incident, AF also shared that the containers of cat food were also kicked into the drain, possibly to avoid stray cats coming back for food and lingering in the area.

The post has caused outrage from netizens, with many calling for the perpetrator to be reported.

cat food mixed with pills found in malacca

Since the post went viral, AF’s friend has lodged a report but unfortunately, they still couldn’t figure out who the preparator was.

We hope that justice will be served and that we won’t be hearing of any cases on animal abuse ever again.

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya