Car Refuses To Let Motorcycles Go Through Toll Barrier As They Already Have Designated Motor Lanes

We have been driving up and down the Federal Highway for decades and the traffic has never ceased to reduce despite the many other highways that have been built to connect Klang Valley commuters.

Every single journey we make on the Federal Highway, day or night, the majority of motorcycle riders ride on the highway, some even in the fast lane and refusing to use the designated motorcycle lanes.

Car drivers have long complained about motorcycle riders cutting in and out of traffic, speeding past them, and sometimes even causing accidents by suddenly braking…

car refuses to let motorcycles go through toll barrier as they already have designated motor lanesPhoto via TikTok (@zulchay3840)

Recently, TikTok user Zul shared a video of a heated argument between two motorcyclists and a driver at a toll gate. 

The motorcycle riders were seen in the video waiting for the driver to tap their card to raise the toll barrier gate so they can take advantage of the situation and don’t have to use the designated motorcycle lanes.

The driver, however, maintained his stance and waited for the whole 51-seconds of the video refusing to open the gate for the riders.

“There’s a motorcycle lane just next to this toll booth, go and use it!” the caption reads.

Malaysians took to the comment section to share their frustration saying that this behaviour is unacceptable, “It looks like motorcyclists really want to use the toll…

“So, why not the government set up a toll booth at the motorcycle lane so they, too, can freely use the highway like the rest of us!” said one person.


lorong motor ade lalu la sane jenis otak tgl kat rumah tp nak ride .....

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The video has since garnered over 204,000 views at the time of writing.

What do you guys think of this?