“Wife Czer” M’sians Praise Driver After Photo Of His Car With Note On The Back Went Viral

This is the sweetest thing ever!

A Twitter user that goes by the name @tumbukrusuk recently shared a photo that has recently gone viral online.

“wife czer” m’sians praise driver after photo of his car with note on the back went viralPhoto via Twitter (@tumbukrusuk)

In the photo, a red car can be seen driving on a highway with a note stuck on the boot, which reads: “Sorry, cannot drive fast. Wife czer” telling other road users that his wife just went through a cesarean section and that he has to drive slowly. 

Malaysian netizens were touched and shared how they were moved by how well the driver cared for his wife, and his effort to let other drivers know the reason why he has to drive his car slowly. 

“Respect to this man and how he takes care of his wife,” one person said in the comment section. 

“He didn’t have to tell anyone the reason why he was driving slowly. He has no obligation to do so, but he did. What an amazing guy.”

The photo has since gained over 1.3 million views at the time of writing. 

“This photo was taken on the Guthrie Highway, during peak hours when people are driving home from work,” the caption reads. 

After the post went viral, the owner of the car, Amriezal came forward to explain his situation saying that he had no problems going slow, however, there are some roads that were more difficult and felt sorry that cars had to overtake him multiple times. 

“Thank you to everyone who understood our situation,” the owner said in his post. 

This warms our hearts! We’re glad Amriezal got home safe!