“Wife Just Gave Birth” Car Drives Slow With Note Attached On The Back, Netizens Moved

A woman would sacrifice everything, including her life, to give birth to her baby.

The minute a woman gets pregnant, she gives up her body, then once the baby arrives - her sleep, her food when she’s running around taking care of everyone and everything, her time, her peace of mind, and in some cases, her sanity…

“wife just gave birth” car drives slow with note attached on the back, netizens movedPhoto via TikTok (@ninimunirah)

Recently, a video went viral on TikTok of a car that can be seen driving slowly under the speed limit with a small note attached to the back of the car.

But what makes other road users drive out of the car’s way is due to what’s written on the note: “Sorry if I’m driving very slow. My wife just gave birth through czer. Thank you.”

Netizens and road users praised the man for his consideration towards other drivers as well as his kindness and understanding towards his wife.

“His common sense as a road user and his sweetness as a husband, a very responsible man! God honors a man who honors his wife,” said one person.

Others in the comment section also shared how they felt moved and happy to see the way this man appreciated his wife who just gave birth to their child, “I feel like crying. I’m happy for her because she is so loved.”


Kasih sayang suami kepada isterinya 🥹 Nak beli kat mana macam ni ? 🥹

♬ tak ingin usai - nanaaa

The video has since garnered over 760.1 thousand views at the time of writing.

What an amazing man and husband!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat