M’sian Canteen Worker Wash Bank Notes Showing How Dirty Money Can Get!

The Viral 25 and Berani Viral Facebook pages recently shared a revealing video that sheds light on an unsettling truth - money can be surprisingly filthy! For those who've never considered the hygiene of banknotes, brace yourselves.

Their post succinctly put it, "Oh my, check out the residue for yourselves."

In the video, canteen staff take the banknotes they received during their sales and submerge them in a large basin of water. What ensues is eye-opening: as the money is washed, the once-clear water quickly transforms into a murky, brownish hue. It's a stark demonstration of just how grimy money can be. Witnessing this, you might even contemplate giving your own cash a good wash.

m’sian canteen worker wash bank notes showing how dirty money can get!Photo via Facebook (Viral 25)

After cleansing the currency, the staff meticulously wipe it down before carefully arranging it on a platter to allow it to thoroughly air dry.

This video serves as a reminder of an often-overlooked aspect of money - its potential to harbor unseen dirt and germs. It's a compelling reason to consider the cleanliness of the objects we interact with daily, including the currency that passes through countless hands.