Building Glass Windows Shattered Due To Thunderstorm

building glass windows shattered due to thunderstormMain image via MalayMail [Screengrabs via Twitter/jayyidkhairir]

The month of Ramadan started off with heavy downpour yesterday (April 13th) in Kuala Lumpur, and now a video of a building’s glass windows shattering during the thunderstorm is being shared by netizens. 

It happened at the Akademi Etiqa building on Jalan Melaka and people can be seen running into the lobby seeking shelter from the heavy rain and strong wind.

Just seconds later, the glass windows by the ATM crashed with a loud sound! 

Glass pieces were all over the floor and the curtain blinds tangled together. A twitter user whose wife is working in the building later updated that the glass had been cleaned up and that the curtain blinds were being used as a temporary fix to cover the windows.

The insurance company confirmed that there were no injuries and that business will go on as usual, in their latest Facebook post. 

Some incidents are just really unexpected! 

Please stay safe during this rainy season. 


By Piravina Ragunathan

Info via MalayMail