BTS' Jung Kook Sends Fans Into A Frenzy As He Dances And Vibes to M’sian Singer's Song On His Live Stream!

Malaysian writer Claudia Tan has achieved what many aspiring writers only dream of: having her novel, Perfect Addiction, adapted into a Hollywood movie. 

And now, she has caught the attention of a very popular celebrity – none other than BTS member Jung Kook!

bts' jung kook sends fans into a frenzy as he dances and vibes to m’sian singer's song on his live stream!Photo via TikTok (@claudiaoverhere)

During one of his live sessions on Weverse, an app where artists can communicate with their fans, Jung Kook played Tan's latest song, "Your Gentleman," in the background. As the South Korean artist, who has 22 million followers on the joint BTS Weverse account, was seen putting on his jacket, he vibed to Tan's music in front of millions of viewers. 

The unexpected moment, which had Tan squealing for joy, sent her Spotify streams through the roof.

Before Jung Kook listened to "Your Gentleman," the song had achieved a modest 32,600 streams on Spotify. However, right after he played it during his live session, the song's popularity skyrocketed to over 761,000 plays. 

The viral video on Weverse has since racked up over 21 million views, leaving fans of both Tan and Jung Kook ecstatic.

This is a significant moment not just for Tan, but also for the Malaysian creative industry. Her achievement serves as an inspiration to aspiring artists and authors across the country. The fact that a Malaysian artist can capture the attention of a globally renowned celebrity like Jung Kook shows that anything is possible with hard work and perseverance!

@claudiaoverhere If someone told me Jungkook from BTS just listened to my music on his live in front of thousands of fans, i wouldnt have believed you 😭 #fyp #bts #jungkook #fyp #btsarmy ♬ Original Mii Channel Theme - VideoGameOST

This also shows the power of social media and its ability to connect people from different parts of the world… With technology making the world a smaller place, opportunities are boundless for creatives who are willing to take the chance and put themselves out there.

As the buzz around Claudia Tan and "Your Gentleman" continues to grow, there is no doubt that she will inspire even more Malaysian artists to share their talents with the world. 

Who knows – the next viral hit could be just around the corner!