“He Felt Human” BTS’ Jin Troop Mate Shares About What It’s Like To Be Enlisted Together With Him!

From million dollar donations to sharing acts of kindness, BTS members are known for their kindness towards the people around them! 

Just last week, an ARMY shared how she bumped into BTS V’s French bodyguard who revealed the artist's true personality while working with him last year, “He was very sweet and chill,” he said.

And now, another lucky fan recently learned something about another BTS member, Jin through her stylist at a salon. 

“he felt human” bts’ jin troop mate shares about what it’s like to be enlisted together with him!Photo via Koreaboo

The fan, told a South Korean media outlet that her stylist’s son also entered the military on the same day and at the same base camp as Jin, and even had a photo of Jin during the enlisting ceremony.

“Her son received his badge, and the parents sat separately in front of the soldiers. That’s how she could see Jin and get a good photo of him while trying to take a picture of her son,” she explained. 

The head stylist then shared Jin’s true personality away from the spotlight: “Her son realized that Jin was a celebrity when he first saw him. The next day, he saw Jin in an apron and distributing food to his comrades. He felt that he was human.”

“Her son is very chic, so he had no interest in Jin or his band members, “So I was surprised when I heard my son complimenting Jin,” her stylist said. 

Yup, definitely sounds like Jin! He’s always so sweet to the people around him! 

In case you didn’t know, the oldest BTS member, Jin or his real name, Kim Seokjin enlisted in the South Korean military in December last year, and since then, ARMYs have been missing him a lot! 

Once every few weeks, a photo of him adjusting to military life would be uploaded for fans, likely through the official military app, The Camp. 

We’re glad that he is doing okay, and that he is surrounded by people who care and admire him. Take care, Jin, we’ll see you soon!