“It’s Cuter Than I Thought” BTS’ Jin Drops Photo Of His Military Haircut, Putting Fans In Tears

Member of South Korean boy band BTS, Jin recently shared a photo of his new military buzz cut ahead of enlistment, which made the fanbase break down in tears. 

“it’s cuter than i thought” bts’ jin drops photo of his military haircut, putting fans in tearsPhoto via Soompi

The singer shared a photo of his new hairstyle on Weverse, a South Korean mobile app that hosts artist-to-fan communications. According to reports, Jin will start reporting for his basic training on Tuesday (13 December). 

Jin is seen in the selfie, sporting a black t-shirt with extremely short hair, “Hehehehe it’s cuter than I thought,” he said in the caption. 

According to Yonhap, a South Korean news outlet, Jin is enlisting at the recruit training facility in Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi-do.

He will then complete a five-week training before being sent to the frontline unit. The singer will go through a required 18-month training period.

Fans, of course, did the math and discovered that ‘The Astronaut’ singer will be released exactly 11 years after he and the other BTS members made their debut as K-pop idols on June 13, 2024. 


His photo also got a reaction from one of his bandmate, Jimin, who changed his profile photo on Weverse into Jin's selfie. Definitely the kind of friend we all need!

Just a few weeks ago, Jin took to Weverse to tell his fans to not come to the training center, “Our ARMY should not come to the training center as there are many other people besides me that are coming.

“It will be dangerous if it gets too crowded,” he said, following the news of his enlistment date that went viral online.

Ahh, we feel so nervous but excited for him… It won’t be long until he’s back, ARMYs, so don’t worry! He will be okay!

All the best, Jin!