Photos Released By Yeoncheon Military Training Center Reveals BTS’ Jin Has Become Head Of His Unit!

We’re so glad that Jin is doing very well as a military trainee! 

Kim Seokjin, also known as Jin, a member of the South Korean band, BTS has officially started his military training, and is about to complete his first month at the Yeoncheon Military Training Center. 

ARMYs have been notified to not overfill the army base with presents and cards for BTS’ eldest hyung. He is reportedly doing very well at the training camp.

photos released by yeoncheon military training center reveals bts’ jin has become head of his unit!Photo via Twitter

Jin also recently contacted one of his band members, j-hope who reassured ARMY that Jin is healthy, and that fans shouldn’t worry too much about him.

BTS’ fans have also been receiving a lot of updates on Jin as the Yeoncheon Military Training Center occasionally publishes bulletins and photos of the trainee’s activities. 

In a photo that has recently gone viral online, Jin is seen wearing his military garb while throwing a hand grenade towards a target, during a grenade drill. According to the training center, Jin and the other trainees also underwent an outdoor training session that included CBR (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) defense training. 

However, one photo caught ARMY’s attention of Jin with his fellow trainees who were seen helping him wash his face with a bottle of water. The badge on Jin’s shoulder apparently said: “Company Commander” which indicates that he is the leader of his troops. 

According to Allkpop, it is possible that Jin had applied for the position or was recommended for being a good example during training.

His new role also means that the idol will have a higher chance of being awarded at the trainee’s graduation. So impressive! But we expect nothing less from THE Kim Seok-jin!

ARMYs are undoubtedly proud of the idol and took to Twitter to congratulate Jin and said that they are actually not surprised by Jin’s new role as he has always been very dedicated and very hardworking. 

Well done, Jin! Keep up the amazing work!