“Free Marks!” Selangor’s English SPM Trial Paper Features K-pop Boyband, BTS! ARMY Is Elated!

K-pop is now a topic in exams thanks to these incredibly talented and adorable (if we do say so ourselves) boys from the famous boyband, BTS.

“free marks!” selangor’s english spm trial paper features k-pop boyband, bts! army is elated!Photo via Times of India

Recently, a Twitter user shared photos of their English Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) trial paper, where in Part 3 of the exam paper contained multiple choice questions (MCQ) related to the well-known South Korean boy group. 

In the SPM trial paper, the passage started by describing the group’s beginnings as Big Hit Entertainment’s trainees and their subsequent ascent to global stardom. 

According to the text, it appears that the students were questioned about BTS, including what themes of their music, the awards that they have won and even the social causes that they have supported throughout their careers. 

Other questions include the name of their last concert. You won’t be able to answer that if you’re not an ARMY!

BTS fans took to the comment section saying that they answered all the questions correctly without even reading the passage. 

The fans also found it extremely funny that those who “hates” the K-Pop group would have to answer the questions regardless. 

What about you? Would you ace the exam?

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat