"How Creative!" ARMY Edits BTS Songs, Other Than "Dynamite" Into Bridgerton Season 3 Scenes

Enter the opulent world of Bridgerton Season 3, where Netflix and Shondaland have woven a tale of love, intrigue, and scandal set against the backdrop of Regency-era London. 

This season, all eyes are on the blossoming romance between Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton, portrayed by the talented Nicola Coughlan and Luke Newton.

While chatter about the infamous carriage scene, accompanied by an unexpected orchestral rendition of Pitbull's "Give Me Everything," has dominated discussions, there's another musical moment that demands attention: the inclusion of BTS's "Dynamite."

In a clever move, the Vitamin String Quartet teased ARMYs on social media, asking which BTS song they'd like to hear reimagined in Bridgerton Season 3. The anticipation was palpable among fans, who eagerly awaited the release of the orchestral covers.

When Netflix unveiled the tracklist, confirming "Dynamite" as one of the selections, ARMYs were simultaneously thrilled and apprehensive. While excited to see BTS's influence in the series, many had hoped for "Black Swan," believing it to be a more fitting choice.

Nevertheless, as Episode 2 of Season 3 aired, viewers were treated to the Vitamin String Quartet's rendition of "Dynamite" during a pivotal ballroom scene. For ARMYs, hearing the familiar melody against the elegant backdrop of Bridgerton was a moment of pride.

One ARMY, known as Eliott (@onceiwasbeloved on TikTok), expressed their disappointment by sharing clips of Bridgerton scenes paired with orchestral versions of popular BTS tracks. Their creations, featuring songs like "Black Swan," "Pied Piper," and "Fake Love," resonated with fans and quickly went viral, garnering millions of views.

While Eliott's reinterpretations sparked excitement among ARMYs, the reality remains that securing the rights to use BTS's music, especially their more iconic tracks, is a complex and costly endeavor. As "Dynamite" was distributed by UMG (Universal Music Group), obtaining permission for other songs would likely pose significant challenges.

@onceiwasbeloved 🥱 #bridgeton #bts #btsarmy #oiwb #fakelove @Bridgerton @Shondaland ♬ Fake Love (Orchestral Version) - MDP
@onceiwasbeloved I know the rhythm of the song doesn’t match the dance but bffr - it’s their song #bridgerton #bts #btsarmy #oiwb #mikrokosmos #oiwb ♬ original sound - MoMoMo
@onceiwasbeloved I hurt my own feelings with this one #oiwb #bridgerton #bts #btsarmy #springday ♬ original sound - :))

Despite the missed opportunity, fans continue to appreciate Bridgerton's nod to BTS's global impact and eagerly anticipate future musical surprises in the series.