“If You Don’t Love Her Anymore…” Bride's Father's Heartfelt Message to Son-in-Law Touched Netizens’ Hearts!

Kylie Yeo, Miss Singapore International 2017 and popular content creator, recently delighted her fans by sharing videos and images of her wedding with her now-husband, Daniel Wong. 

The radiant bride was surrounded by her closest family and friends, who all came together to support the couple on their magical day.

“if you don’t love her anymore…” bride's father's heartfelt message to son-in-law touched netizens’ hearts!Photo via TikTok (@spongliee)

Among the memorable moments of the wedding, one stood out as particularly heartwarming—the walk down the aisle with Kylie's father, Alan Yeo. In a TikTok video uploaded to Kylie's page, Alan shared a touching and sweet message with Wong as he handed over his beloved daughter.

Knowing Wong's deep love for Kylie, Alan held Wong's hand and said, "I know that you love my daughter a lot, so I'm entrusting her to you. Please always cherish her, take care of her, and prioritize her happiness."

He continued, his words filled with emotion, "If, by any chance, you ever find that your love for my daughter has changed, please don't hurt her. Bring her back to me, and I will take care of her. My precious daughter belongs to you."

With tears streaming down their faces, not a single dry eye was left in the room. The profound message shared by Kylie's father touched the hearts of everyone present, who needed a moment to compose themselves after witnessing such a moving display of love and affection.

Since being posted, the TikTok video has garnered immense attention, accumulating over 10 million views and one million likes. The comments section overflowed with an outpouring of emotions, leaving many users in tears. Among them, one user expressed the profound nature of a father's love for his daughter, stating, "We will always be our daddy's little girl!" Kylie herself responded to this sentiment, simply affirming, "Always."

@spongliee The very first time I saw my Dad cry - I love you dad #wedding #weddingday #happyfathersday #fatherlovedaughter all precious footage captured by @Iki Company ♬ original sound - Kylie

Kylie Yeo's wedding was not only a beautiful celebration of love between two individuals but also a poignant reminder of the unconditional love and bond shared between a father and his daughter. 

The heartfelt message from Kylie's father left an indelible impression on all who witnessed it, reminding us of the profound impact that love and family have in our lives.