Brave Malaysians Band Together, Risking Their Own Safety To Safe Stray Dog Trapped On Cliff

A stray dog was recently found stranded at the side of a cliff of Forest Hill in Damansara Perdana in Petaling Jaya.

brave malaysians band together, risking their own safety to safe stray dog trapped on cliffPhoto via Facebook (Goh Bong Hiang)

But it all seemed hopeless until a group of Malaysians risked their own safety to save the dog!

SPCA Selangor (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) took to their Facebook page on Saturday (18 march) calling for hikers and rescuers to help the poor dog, “Urgent! Looking for hikers or rescuers to help a dog that is trapped on a cliff” their caption reads. 

After seeing the post, Malaysians then decided to tag Francis Poh, an animal rescuer who went viral in 2021 for saving a dog from a monkey. 

Francis, joined by his friends, Kevan De Silva, Stefan Chong, Cheong Chia Ling and Azhar Abd Majid volunteered and immediately organised a rescue mission to save the poor dog. 

Francis told the Malay Mail that the mission was one of the hardest he has ever done in his ten years of rescuing animals. He was made aware of the situation after social media users tagged him in a post.

They headed out on a boat for the rescue mission at around 8 am on Sunday (19 March) after charting out what needed to be done, “Our initial plan was to climb the hill from the lake, but we abandoned the plan after about two hours because the terrain was not safe for us to climb.”

Later, the team opted to take a different path from a construction site on the hill in the hopes of completing the job successfully.

However, after reaching the site, the team encountered a new set of issues.

"We had to hike for quite a distance while being guided by the site supervisor and led by fellow rescuer Kevan De Silva before we were able to locate the dog," he explained.

"We ended up with scratches on our arms and legs because some of the plants we came across had sharp thorns, but thankfully none of us were seriously injured."

"There were many who wanted to follow us, but for safety reasons, I only recruited De Silva, Stefan Chong, Cheong Chia Ling, and Azhar Abd Majid, each of whom had their own specialties,” he told reporters.

Few tagged me, then i offer to help and asked who would like to join me in the residential group? Instantly i had Kevan, Stefan, Chia Leng, Azhar & Mr Gan offer themselves, honestly grateful. We started from 8am and done by 4.30pm, all of us was not only sunburn but our stamina has been tested to the max. I was jokingly telling others that this mission actually doesn't need me or my friends but Navy Seal coz it involved water, land, climbing & hiking😂 Sorry that i didnt involve some of you, i would admit that this is dangerous mission, i can't take the risk with others but my self, only those i know personally. We did two part, first from the lake and second from the top of the jungle. We have done it successfully without major injuries but minor cuts. I would like to thank the residents of ForestHill for actually staying with us till the end, we came back with waters, pizza, Starbucks, bread, so nice of them❤️

Posted by Francis Yirdaki CT on Sunday, 19 March 2023

The rescue mission ended at 4:30 pm after the team returned.