Boys Will Be Boys

If you’re the type of girlfriend that constantly worries about your boyfriend’s whereabouts or whether he’s cheating on you… you can stop stressing- he might just be playing tug of war with his dorm-mates.

Twitter user, @_amrlhakim recently shared a clip of a group of students from Universiti Teknologi Putra (UTP), Perak having fun and probably relieving their stress from all that studying. The 27 second clip showed students at their dormitory hallway in their kain pelikats and no slippers on (just as they should) giving all their might in a good ol’ game of Tug of War.

The tweet was retweeted by more than 30k people and welcomed many positive comments, with many reliving their university days, while some questioned how they got the rope there at the first place!

… while others just wish they were there to join in the fun!

While we hope students do make proper use of their time studying for their exams, we are all for having fun, especially if it involves a game of Tug of War!

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya