Father Shares How His Son Saves Up His Duit Belanja To Pay For His Friend’s KAFA Class

Recently, a father shared a touching story on his Facebook page of his son who saved up his duit belanja to help pay for his friend’s Fardhu Ain Basics Class (KAFA).

father shares how his son saves up his duit belanja to pay for his friend’s kafa classPhoto via Facebook (Nasaie Ismail)

Apparently his son’s friend intends to drop out of the school because his parents could not afford to pay the fees. 

His son, Yusof, had asked him for RM20 so that he could have enough, which is RM80 to give to his friend. When asked why his friend needed the RM80, Yusof explained that he felt sad when his friend told him that he will be quitting the KAFA class as his parents could not afford the monthly fee. 

Since then Yusof has been saving up his duit belanja as well as pocket money given by his grandparents to help pay for his friend’s school fees.

Netizens took to the comment section to praise Yusof for his kindness and empathy. They also praised Yusof’s parents for raising such a positive child.

Semalam Yusuf minta RM20, untuk genapkan simpanan dia selama sebulan yang dah capai RM80. Tujuannya nak bayarkan yuran...

Posted by Nasaie Ismail on Sunday, 21 August 2022

This story warms our hearts. Kudos to Yusof’s parents!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat