Young Boy Bullies Donald Duck Mascot In Kuantan, Man In The Costume Believed To Be Disabled

Parents, teach your children to be kind, especially to hard working costumed performers who make a living by entertaining tourists!

young boy bullies donald duck mascot in kuantan, man in the costume believed to be disabledPhoto via TikTok (@ohmyganung)

Recently, a video that was shared by @ohmyganung on TikTok shows a young boy and his friends, taunting a Donald Duck mascot at a beach, believed to be in Teluk Chempedak in Kuantan, Pahang. 

Besides the boy bullying someone who was trying to make a living, the man wearing the costume is apparently disabled as well. However, the boy’s parents have reached out to the owner of the video and explained that their son has been disciplined. 

“The boy’s parents already contacted us and explained what happened. We just want to remind other parents to keep an eye on your children,” they wrote in the caption. 

The video first started with the boy who can be seen taunting the man in the Donald Duck costume by pulling his mask, attempting to knock it off, before running away as the man turns around…

It then continued with the boy crying at home as his mother scolded him over the matter. 

@ohmyganung Kes budak buli OKU cari rezeki dah selesai. Parent dia dah contact admin. Pesanan untuk semua, pantau anak anak. #telukcempedak ♬ original sound - ohmyganung

The video has since garnered over 433.3 thousand views at the time of writing.

Aiyo, the poor man! Parents, please remember to keep an eye on your children, and please teach them to be kind.

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat