Bored? Why Not Grow Some Taugeh At Home!

Why pick up a new hobby while you’re in quarantine when you can revisit your primary school science project?

Chew Mee Ho shared on Facebook about her little project on April 2nd, with a few easy tips on how to grow vegetables when you’re at home- perfect for beginners!

It was her first-time planting taugeh in a soda bottle. According to her, you must first soak the beans for six hours inside the bottle before pouring out the water. After, you would need to secure the opening with a piece of gauze.

You would then need to keep the bottle away from direct sunlight during this step, after which you can water the beans at night and pour out the excess water afterwards.

You would only need to water the beans three times a day with cold water until they are ready to harvest.

In five days, Chew has managed to grow 600g of crunchy bean sprouts and even shared a delicious meal she prepared with her newly harvested taugeh.

Chew’s post has gone viral on Facebook with more than 11K shares! Many are amazed at the outcome of her experiment and some had even taken it upon themselves to try growing their own vegetables at home.

Growing taugeh just like we did back in school only requires green beans, a plastic bottle, and some gauze. Now isn’t that a convenient activity for us to try out while we’re at home? 

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya