Video Of Abang Bomba Saving Shy Puppy Went Viral, Netizens Compare The Doggo To An “Upset Girlfriend”

Social media is currently buzzing with a video of a puppy who accidentally fell and got stuck on a ledge several stories up a building.

video of abang bomba saving shy puppy went viral, netizens compare the doggo to an “upset girlfriend”Photo via Facebook (Fire & Rescue Department of Malaysia)

The Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department posted the 37-second video showing a fireman trying to coax a shy puppy with some food, only to have the dog ignoring him by turning away its face and facing the wall instead.

Malaysians took to the comment saying comparing the puppy to an “upset girlfriend” who is giving her boyfriend the side eye. 

“It must be a female. Try giving it a bouquet of flowers, it might melt into the arms of the Abang Bomba,” said one person.

Others praised the Abang Bomba for going above and beyond to help the poor helpless doggo, “Thank you for helping the dog. You guys save lives, humans and animals, all lives matter,” said one person. 

According to The Star, Penang Fire and Rescue Department director, Saadon Mokhtar said his team received the emergency call on Wednesday (11 January) at around 3 PM and immediately sent a team to the location.

“They managed to catch the dog and bring it down safely. The dog is then released,” he told reporters. 

Bukan senang nak pujuk nie... Abg Bomba juga la kena bagi ayat manis... 🤭👨‍🚒🚒

Posted by Jabatan Bomba & Penyelamat Malaysia (Fire & Rescue Department of Malaysia) on Thursday, 12 January 2023

Look at that face! So adorable. We’re glad it’s safe now!