Unexpected Twist! BLACKPINK's Jennie 'Promotes' Ramen Alongside BTS's Jin

BLACKPINK's Jennie has become synonymous with brand ambassadorship since her debut, representing luxury labels like Chanel and Calvin Klein with her signature style and charm. 

unexpected twist! blackpink's jennie 'promotes' ramen alongside bts's jinPhoto via X (@rubyologist)

However, her latest foray into advertising took a hilariously unexpected turn.

While BTS's Jin is widely recognised as the face of the ramen brand "Jin Ramen," fans were surprised to spot Jennie alongside him in a poster promoting ramen in a shop in the Philippines. 

But there's a catch - the poster wasn't official, and the image of Jennie wasn't even of her enjoying a bowl of ramen. Instead, she was pictured holding a cup of ramen while indulging in some dumplings.

Despite the mix-up and the fact that the ramen brands were different, netizens couldn't help but be amused by the unconventional advertisement featuring Jennie. Her undeniable influence was on full display, even in an unofficial capacity.

While it may not have been sanctioned by the brands involved, BLINKs couldn't help but find the situation amusing, showcasing once again Jennie's ability to captivate audiences, even when promoting something as simple as ramen.