Billie Eilish Showers BLACKPINK’s Jennie with Praise, Teases Upcoming Solo Album

BLACKPINK's Jennie recently sat down with American pop sensation Billie Eilish for an interview at Spotify's Hit Me Hard and Soft private listening event. The evening was filled with lighthearted moments and genuine camaraderie between the two stars, much to the delight of their fans.

The chemistry between Jennie and Billie was evident as they engaged in playful banter on stage. At one point, Billie even teased Jennie with some flirtatious remarks, showcasing their easygoing rapport.

A memorable highlight of the night occurred when Billie was asked to name her favorite anthem, whether it be a song or an album. Seizing the moment, Jennie subtly whispered "BLACKPINK" to Billie, nudging her towards a particular answer.

"BLACKPINK, maybe…?" Jennie suggested.

The duo shared a laugh, holding hands, and Billie quickly embraced Jennie's playful prompt. Instead of choosing a random song, Billie declared that her favorite album would be Jennie's future solo project. She expressed confidence that, despite not having heard the tracks yet, she would undoubtedly love them.

"Your future solo album that you’re working on right now," Billie said, affirming her support.

Jennie responded with a knowing "wink wink," hinting at her ongoing work on new music. This was a nod to her previous revelation in a behind-the-scenes video from the MET Gala, where she mentioned her dedication to creating fresh tracks.

This heartwarming exchange underscored Billie's admiration for Jennie, solidifying her status as one of Jennie's most enthusiastic supporters.