Unexpected Duo! Billie Eilish and Zico Shock Fans with Their Friendship

American singer-songwriter Billie Eilish, known for her haunting vocals and chart-topping hits, recently released her much-anticipated new album.

unexpected duo! billie eilish and zico shock fans with their friendshipPhoto via Instagram (woozico0914)

Meanwhile, Zico, a prominent South Korean rapper, record producer, and former member of Block B, continues to make waves in the music industry with his unique style and captivating performances.

On June 18, Billie Eilish appeared on Zico's KBS music talk show, "The Seasons: Zico’s Artist," in Seoul, South Korea. The episode, set to air on Friday, June 21st, marks Eilish’s first appearance on a Korean music show, generating much excitement and high expectations from fans worldwide.

The pair shared a series of selfies on Instagram, where they posed cutely together, looking like old friends despite having met for the first time. Their unexpected chemistry captured the hearts of netizens, who were thrilled to see the two artists interact so naturally.

Adding to the excitement, Billie Eilish was also interviewed by Zico's "SPOT!" collaborator and her friend, BLACKPINK's Jennie. During the interview, which took place at Spotify's Hit Me Hard and Soft private listening event, the two stars showcased their close bond. 

Jennie playfully whispered "BLACKPINK" when Billie was asked to name her favorite anthem, to which Billie responded with enthusiasm, declaring that her favorite album would be Jennie's upcoming solo project.

This heartwarming moment highlighted not only Billie's admiration for Jennie but also the strong friendship between the two. Jennie confirmed that she is working on new music, much to the delight of her fans.

The camaraderie between Billie Eilish, Zico, and Jennie is a friendship we love to see, bridging diverse music cultures and bringing joy to fans around the world.