Big Bang's Daesung Shares His Childhood Heartbreak on 'Korea-Japan Top Ten Show'

In the latest episode of MBN's 'Korea-Japan Top Ten Show,' which aired on June 4th, Big Bang's Daesung opened up about a touching memory from his childhood, revealing his experience with unrequited love.

big bang's daesung shares his childhood heartbreak on 'korea-japan top ten show'Photo via allkpop

The episode, centered around a singing competition featuring 'hidden love songs' from Korea and Japan, took an emotional turn when the MC asked Daesung about his first crush. Reflecting on his elementary school days, Daesung shared, "From first to fourth grade, I had a crush on a girl."

Daesung vividly recalled his desire to confess his feelings. "I really wanted to tell her how I felt," he said. However, his plans were disrupted when he learned he would be transferring to a new school. Despite knowing that his confession might not change anything, he felt compelled to express his feelings before leaving.

Gathering all his courage, Daesung approached his crush and told her, "I like you." However, the intensity of the moment was too much for him. Overcome with embarrassment, he left without hearing her response, heading off to his new school.

big bang's daesung shares his childhood heartbreak on 'korea-japan top ten show'Photo via allkpop

This candid revelation offered fans a glimpse into the tender, vulnerable side of Daesung, a side often hidden behind his public persona as a member of Big Bang.

Daesung, known for his soulful voice and dynamic stage presence, is making waves with his return to the music scene as a solo artist. After a successful career with Big Bang, one of K-pop's most influential groups, Daesung is embarking on a new journey that highlights his individual talents. 

His comeback is eagerly anticipated by fans who have long admired his contributions to K-pop and are excited to see him shine on his own!