Battle Of The Sambal Buns

We’re sure each and every one of us have our favorite Sambal buns when we were growing up… or was it just us?

Well that small, savory, and spicy bread-based item or roll would leave all of us satisfied at every bite.

Recently, bun lovers convened on Twitter to showcase their favorite buns and here are the lineups:

It started with the OG of all buns, Gardenia’s Delicia Sambal Bilis Bun. We bet the old us never thought the combo would work, but this savory spicy goodness remains a cult favorite.

For those who aren’t into spicy things, one Twitter user suggested Mighty White Ikan Bilis bun as an alternative. Who would’ve thought anchovies in bun would become such a hit?

Nasi Lemak or buns for breakfast? Why not both? The Mighty White Flossy Bun with Sambal Nasi Lemak is the perfect combo for those craving for Nasi lemak on the go.

Mighty White Spicy Tuna is also a classic favorite for spicy food lovers.

And lastly, the Massimo BunBino Sambal Ikan Bilis & Serai. This is quite a rare find but anything with sambal is good to go!

ManyTwitter users have responded to the thread of Sambal Buns with their own experience growing up eating these precious buns

Some also were reminded of the notorious after-smell of these buns

Either way, we love these buns till today and hope that they will never be taken away from us. Not now not ever!

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya