Well Deserved! Batang Kali K9 Doggos, Geoffrey And Grouse Treated To Spa Day By Handlers

Two K9 dogs were treated to a well-deserved grooming and pampering session after nine days of search and rescue (SAR) operations at the Batang Kali landslide site.

well deserved! batang kali k9 doggos, geoffrey and grouse treated to spa day by handlersPhoto via TikTok (@ipie_ngaranku)

In a 35-second video shared by TikTok user @ipie_ngaranku, the four-legged heroes from the rescue team can be seen having their fur groomed by their handlers. 

The two doggos, Geoffrey and Grouse, were seen on their best behaviours while being pampered by their handlers!

Social media users took to the comment section to praise the heroic canines, while others expressed their relief that the “good boys” were being looked after after such a demanding week. 

“Enjoy life and relax, that’s what dogs have been teaching us. We recognise your efforts. Please look after them well for us. Thank you to all K9 heroes,” said one user. 

“All of these little heroes have my heart. Thank you and have a goodnight’s sleep!”

@ipie_ngaranku mesti dia rasa hensem lepas kena potong bulu πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. #k9bomba #blakek9 #batangkali ♬ Segala Perkara - β„šπ•¦π•–π•–π•ŸπŸŒΊ

The video has since garnered over 418,000 views at the time of writing!

Ahh, look at those smiles! We’re glad that they’re happy and being well taken care of.