M’sian Comedian, Atu Zero Responds To Viral Wikipedia Page Saying He Worked With BLACKPINK, BTS

Malaysian comedian, Atu Zero has recently caught netizens’ attention after he shared a screenshot of his Wikipedia page…

m’sian comedian, atu zero responds to viral wikipedia page saying he worked with blackpink, bts

According to the screenshot, he is not only a comedian but he has also sang with many A-list singers, including Puerto Rican singer, Ricky Martin, American rock band, Bon Jovi, and Korean groups, BLACKPINK and BTS. 

Wah, so power!

Atu, whose real name is Sharif, said he did not take it seriously but found that Malaysians’ humor and “naughty” editing was hilarious.

“I will show you proof and upload a photo of me with BLACKPINK and BTS,” he jokingly said.  

For me, this is funny as long as it’s not something negative or humiliating. I’m fine. When I see names like BLACKPINK and BTS, I was shocked then I realized it was just a funny joke.”


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In case you didn’t know, almost every Wikipedia user whether they are a registered Wikipedian with an account or just normally browsing can see and use an edit link on almost every page of the Encyclopedia, which allows you to change the content of the page.

So… we’re guessing it’s just someone who is trying to pull a prank on Atu!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat