Attention, This Is How Men Should Behave!

In a world where women are constantly being bogged down by prejudice and gender discrimination, one parent thought their young boy to treat woman just how they deserve to be treated.

In a viral video posted by user @Amnee3 on Twitter, a young boy by the name of Hakeem was shown to be comforting his female friend, who was clearly upset.

In the video, Hakeem was seen wiping his friend’s tears off her cheeks and trying his very best to make her feel better. There wasn’t much that was said in the video, but Hakeem’s attentiveness to his friend caught the attention of many, with the video receiving more than 40K likes!

Twitterverse were quick to ad-lib what the interaction between the two friends would’ve been like

Some also commented on the hearts of the many girls Hakeem’s going to catch when he’s all grown up

While others pointed out how well the parents had done in raising Hakeem. #parentingdoneright

In another video, Hakeem thanked those who have watched his video while his aunty asked all to pray that he will grow up to be a pious and clever man.

We stan a gentleman and we hope Hakeem grows up to be a respectful and well-educated young man!

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya