ATEEZ Makes Coachella History as First K-Pop Boy Group to Perform, Fans Heard Across Other Stages!

ATEEZ achieved a historic milestone at the 2024 Coachella festival, becoming the first K-Pop boy group to grace the prestigious event's lineup. 

Their performance surpassed expectations, leaving an indelible mark on the audience!

Despite not being featured on the main stage and facing speculation of a smaller crowd, ATEEZ's presence reverberated throughout the venue, commanding attention from both fans and newcomers.

As fans enthusiastically joined in the fanchant for "Say My Name," the energy peaked during their rendition of "Guerrilla." ATEEZ led their iconic "Break The Wall" fanchant, igniting the audience to such an extent that their voices carried across the festival grounds, reaching even the stages of other artists.

Despite performing on the Sahara stage, ATEEZ's impact extended beyond, with their powerful fanchants reaching even the Coachella main stage, marking a truly monumental moment for the group.

Kudos to ATEEZ for delivering an unforgettable performance and etching their name into Coachella history!