Malaysian Art Teacher Creates Fun & Interactive Floor Mural to Welcome Back His Students

Malaysian teacher and TikTok sensation, Cikgu Dipi, has been making waves with his creative talents. His latest masterpiece, a vibrant mural painted on the school grounds, has captured the hearts of many.

malaysian art teacher creates fun & interactive floor mural to welcome back his studentsPhoto via TikTok (@cikgudipi)

In a captivating video shared on his TikTok page, @cikgudipi, Cikgu Dipi takes us through the process of creating the mural. With meticulous precision, he and his fellow teachers begin by outlining the design on the ground, laying down a base coat of white paint to set the stage for their artwork.

As the mural takes shape, it transforms into a whimsical scene—a boat sailing through a serene stream, adorned with playful elements like buoys, dolphins, and trees. But what sets this mural apart is its interactive nature. 

Along the path, Cikgu Dipi incorporates cognitive exercises and physical activities, turning a simple walk into an engaging learning experience for the students!

The response to Cikgu Dipi's creation has been overwhelming, with many praising the dedication and creativity of the teachers involved. Some even express their admiration by saying they would rather walk alongside the mural than step on the artwork itself.

"Teachers these days are incredible," one user comments. "They go above and beyond to create memorable experiences for their students."

Concerns about the longevity of the mural are also addressed. Cikgu Dipi assures viewers that multiple layers of clear finishing will help preserve the artwork, ensuring that it remains a source of joy and inspiration for years to come.

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Cikgu Dipi's dedication to his students and his innovative approach to teaching serve as a shining example of the impact educators can have on the younger generation. Through his art, he not only beautifies the school environment but also fosters a love for learning and creativity in his students. 

Here's to Cikgu Dipi and all the teachers who go the extra mile to make a difference in the lives of their students!