Are Malaysian Influencers… Influential?

are malaysian influencers… influential?

InfluencerDB recently released the Influencer Marketing Benchmarks Report 2019, a global study on influencer marketing and how the market has evolved. In their report, they found that there is an overall decline in follower engagement and cited fake followers as a major issue.

When comparing audience quality between countries, they reported a lower score for Malaysia at 31.2%, lagging far behind our neighbours such as Thailand and Indonesia, thus demonstrating how Malaysian influencers are not as influential as they may appear.

are malaysian influencers… influential?Image via InfluencerDB

Some entertainment & news portals quickly picked up on the results from this study and started to curate the story using pictures of Malaysian influencers. This, however, did not sit well with Harvinth Skin, who voiced out on Instagram against having his picture being associated with the story, which he felt implied he had bought his followers.


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Many people responded with supporting comments for Harvinth, including Malaysian comedian Harith Iskander and Indian music duo Hiphop Tamizha.

Meanwhile, some other influencers are a little bitter at the fact that they did not make the cut to begin with. Ean and Arnold, announcers of the hitz radio station, took to the airwaves to voice their discontent for not being featured in the story. #FOMO

are malaysian influencers… influential?So, what do you think? Are Malaysian influencers influential?
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